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Tex Tanks is a company created to design and facilitate the lead times and process of acquiring custom containment systems to protect and preserve our clientes' assets.

About - Sam Gala & Jorge Garcia, Founders of Tex Tanks
Sam Gala & Jorge Garcia, Founders of Tex Tanks
Established MMXXII

Locally Owned in Austin, TX

Tex-Tanks is a team of engineering design, manufacturing, equipment and technologies of complete systems to contain, monitor, dispense, protect and secure our clients assets;  hydrocarbons, gasoline, biofuels, lubricants, diesel, food, water, chemicals, gases, oils among other products. Each system is customized to the needs of our clients, working with the leading technologies to protect and store merchandise in the most efficient way possible.

We understand the constant shift of the global market, which is why we are a company that works with world-class technology and new generations in the engineering and design of our tanks to go hand in hand with the experience of our manufacturers with decades in the market.

Our goal is to create the design you are looking for, with a written guarantee on the manufacturers quality of our containers as well as a turnkey system to safeguard, monitor, protect and dispense your merchandise.

We know the commitment we represent to our clients and to the protection of the environment, which is why all our products include necessary certifications and requirements. 


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Our industry-leading suppliers have decades of experience in the field, allowing for consistently high quality tanks.

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We go above and beyond to ensure your tank meets your specifications, our quality standards, and your delivery schedule. That’s what we did for these clients, and that’s what we’ll do for you!

"Tex Tanks has been our go-to supplier for API tanks for several years now. Their products are consistently reliable and meet all industry standards. The team at Tex Tanks has proven to be knowledgeable, responsive, and attentive to our specific needs. We highly recommend Tex Tanks for anyone in need of top-quality API tanks."
John D.
Oil Refinery Manager
"We are extremely satisfied with the API tanks we purchased from Tex Tanks. Not only are their tanks durably built, but they also provide seamless installation and hassle-free maintenance. Tex Tanks' professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. We wouldn't hesitate to choose them again for our future tank needs."
Sarah M.
Industrial Facility Owner
"Tex Tanks' API tanks exceeded our expectations in every way. From the moment we reached out for a quote, their team demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and guided us through the entire process. The tanks were delivered on time, and their durability and performance have been outstanding. We are incredibly impressed with Tex Tanks and highly recommend their products and services."
Michael R.
Environmental Consultant

Tex-Tanks combines the innovation of our new generations in the engineering and design sector with the experience of our manufacturers. Some with over 70 years on the market. Our collaborative teams combine experience with technological innovation to create high quality, reliable systems of equipment and technologies that are specific to the needs of each and every project.

Sam Gala, CEO of Tex Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Our double-wall, eco-friendly tanks have helped position us on the market as one of the leading distributors of storage tanks.

Thanks to our 30-year written guarantee, lowest prices on the market, and shortest delivery times available, Tex Tanks has gained the trust and confidence of large-scale commercial costumers.


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