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Tex Tanks prides itself on providing top-quality API tanks for a wide range of industries and applications. With our cylindrical underground oil-water separators, specifically designed for industrial areas, we offer efficient solutions for handling oil waste-water generated during processes like bulk petroleum storage, aircraft and vehicle fueling, maintenance washing, and environmental remediation of petroleum contaminated sites. Our API tanks are highly reliable and conform to UL-58 requirements, ensuring optimal performance. The effluent from our oil-water separators can be safely discharged to storm or sanitary sewer systems.

With a track record of successful installations and a commitment to exceptional quality, Tex Tanks is the trusted choice for your API tank needs.

API Fuel Tank with Tex Tanks
Aboveground Storage Tanks

Potential Industries & Markets

API Tanks - Pipeline Industry

Terminals / Pipeline

API Tanks - Electric Power Industry

Electric Power

refueling heavy equipment for mining

Metals & Minerals

Water Treatment Plant

Water & Wastewater

API Tanks - Chemical Processing Industry

Chemical Processing

API Tanks - Alternative Fuels Industy

Alternative Fuels

API Tanks - Petroleum Refining Industry

Petroleum Refining

API Tanks - Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

API Tanks - Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

API Tanks - Pulp, Paper, Wood Industry

Pulp, Paper & Wood

Previous Projects

API and Specialized Projects

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