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Galvanized Steel Silos Systems


Tex-Tanks works with the engineers of the most influential manufacturers in the American market specialized in the design of galvanized steel silos, so that our clients are satisfied with the operations of their grain containers.

Tex-Tanks works with a range of speciality engineers and different reputable manufacturers who specialize in the design and production of galvanized steel silos so that our clients are satisfied with the operation and quality of their containers.

Our turnkey system designs are built to dispense food, liquid, grains, among other commodities. We have flat bottom silos, hopper bottom silos, square containers and grain conditioning equipment.

Tex-Tanks has the ability to design, supply and bring together every detail of your storage system work for your project. Among our best-selling containers are galvanized steel water tanks for any type of industry.

galvanized silos systems
tex-tanks galvanized silos systems
galvanized silos systems tex-tanks
tex-tanks galvanized system

Our Containers can provide short and long-term storage of any type of grains, seeds among other free-flowing granular materials. Our goal is to provide our clients with the complete system to facilitate and ensure that our clients have safe and customized storage.

Characteristics of our storage systems for agriculture:

  1. The walls of our silos are manufactured with a specific grade of corrugation to minimize the accumulation of material on the walls and also prevent the material from accumulating or leaving residue, having a cleaner and safer container.
  2. Conical roofs to take advantage of all the space, as well as maximum load capacity.
  3. Technological systems for accurate monitoring of our clients’ products.
  4. Cutting-edge technology is used for our materials so that no long-term reinforcement is required.

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