Underground Storage Tanks

Superior Structural Strength and Product Compatibility

Unmatched Quality

Designed to withstand the rigors of the underground environment, underground tanks are capable of storing a wide range of fuel products and other hazardous liquids. Tank dimensions and thicknesses are calculated in strict compliance with Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain as presented in UL58 and UL1746.

In addition, customizations can be made to suit your requirements. Capacities range from 240 to 60,000 gallons.

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UL1746 / UL58

Plasteel® Elutron®

The Plasteel® Double Wall Elutron® jacketed Tank has been UL performance tested per the optional UL Standard 58, External Pressure Test (EPT), Paragraph 18. The EPT requires no structural deformation when an empty steel primary tank is submerged with five feet (1.53m) of water over the top of the tank without backfill materials.

Plasteel Elutron SF
UL1746 / UL58

Plasteel® Composite

Double Wall Composite Tank is UL Listed and Tested per UL Standard 58 and UL Standard 1746, Part II, Type I and Type II Secondary Containment.In 1983, the Plasteel® Double Wall Composite Tank was the first tank to achieve the UL Listing for Composite Secondary Contained Tank.

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UL1746 / UL58


ACT‐100‐U®tanks feature a strong inner steel tank for structural integrity , and a thick urethane

outer coating for long‐lasting corrosion protection. TheACT‐100‐U® provides a barrier from corrosion comparable to a fiberglass reinforced plastic coated (composite) steel tank.

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UL1746 / UL58


PERMATANK® double‐wall jacketed underground storage tank features an inner steel tank coupled with an exterior corrosion‐resistant fiberglass tank. A unique standoff material separating the inner and outer tanks creates a uniform interstitial space ensuring rapid and accurate leak detection.

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Oil-Water Separator

Separators are available in carbon steel (single and double wall) with a variety of coatings.

Underground Oil-Water Separator Tank with Tex Tanks
Underground Oil-Water Separator Tank with Tex Tanks
Underground Oil-Water Separator Tank with Tex Tanks
Aboveground Fireguard Tanks with Tex Tanks
Underground Oil-Water Separator Tank with Tex Tanks

Tex Tanks has the best lead times on the market with tanks compatible with any tank collar brand. Installations are simple, easy, and safe saving time for installers and owners.

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