Fuelco Cube Tanks

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks


Cube (or Kube®)

The Cube Tank is our most compact and economic stationary fuel tank. It’s been field-proven for on-site supply and used for refueling in construction and distribution. The use of the Cube means no more waiting for fuel deliveries, so you can enjoy zero downtime and smoother operations.

Fuelco Cube Tank with Tex Tanks
Fuelco Cube Tanks

Potential Industries & Markets

Agriculture Industry


Aviation Industry


Marina Industry


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Cube Tanks

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Fuelco Cube Tanks

Helpful Downloads, Schematics and Case Studies


Secure hose access enables fueling while cabinet is locked.


Built-in, weather proof containment eliminates the need for pans and basins.

Removable Inner Tank

For routine cleaning, maintenance and inspection.

4-Way Forklift Pockets

Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility when empty.

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