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Fuel Tanks and Systems

Tex Tanks offers a wide range of fuel tank and fuel system solutions to meet the needs of diverse industries, including Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, IT/Data Center, Marinas, Medical, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and Water Treatment. Our selection of tanks includes underground, aboveground, specialty, and API tanks, each designed with high-quality materials and innovative features to maximize performance and durability.

Additionally, Tex Tanks offers oil-water separators and custom stainless steel pressure vessels and reactors. With a focus on environmental compliance, security, and functionality, Tex Tanks’ fuel tanks and systems are a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your fuel storage needs.

F921 Aboveground Fuel Tank
F921® Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank
Oil-Water Separator Tank

Oil-Water Separators

Oil-water separators are designed to remove oil, grease, light petroleum products, and oily-coated solids from a variety of wastewater discharges to comply with EPA discharge regulations.

Cube Tanks

Fuelco’s Cube (or Kube®) Fuel Tanks are ideal for smaller volume fuel storage and are secure and compliant with a potential volume of 1,000L to 10,000L.

FuelCo Cube Tanks
API Fuel Tank


API tanks are the most common steel storage tanks for storing oil, vapors, and other organic and non-organic liquids.


The aboveground UL142 fuel tank is designed with a built-in single wall and exterior double wall. These tanks are insulated and can be manufactured with Flameshield.

UL142 Flameshield Tank with Tex Tanks
UL1746 / UL58 Fuel Tanks with Tex Tanks

UL1746 / UL58

The UST steel/fiberglass tanks are certified Permatank with a corrosion-resistant exterior fiberglass tank and a steel primary tank.


The UL2085 Fireguard® fuel tank is a double‐wall fire‐protected storage tank featuring an inner and outer steel tank with an insulation material that exceeds the UL 2‐hour fire test.

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Belly Tank Generator

Tex Tanks’ generator base, sub-base, or “belly tank” is a UL142 fuel tank that is typically built into a generator support frame.


Stainless Steel & Reactors

Tex Tanks coordinates the design and build of custom stainless steel pressure vessels and reactors to meet your application requirements and per ASME Code.

Stainless Steel Reactor Tanks with Tex Tanks
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