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Water Treatment

Tex Tanks understands the significant role of fuel tanks in the water treatment industry, ensuring uninterrupted operations at water treatment plants. With extensive experience in providing reliable modular tank solutions, Tex Tanks offers a comprehensive range of water treatment tanks. These tanks are designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry, including pH balancing, chlorination, sludge treatment, flocculation, sequencing reactors, anaerobic digestion, and aerobic digestion.

Whether it’s municipal wastewater treatment plants requiring aeration tanks, batch reactor tanks, or clarifier tanks, or water treatment utilities needing raw water storage, chemical coagulant tanks, or finished water storage, Tex Tanks provides durable modular steel tanks with customizable sizes and capacities.

Among the most popular products for water treatment are water and oil separators, designed to offer an effective patented system adjusted to the needs of each of our products.

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Water Treatment Plant

Our technology for the design of our oil and water separators is one of the most effective on the market, guaranteeing a separation of 10 PPM in standard models and 5 PPM with other models.

Our cylindrical oil water separators are meticulously designed in accordance with rigorous UL-58, UL-142 and UL-1746 construction standards. We offer a diverse range of designs including secondary containment construction options, fiberglass lining, single wall, double wall and cost-effective solutions, all of which are UL certified.

For underground applications, PSI offers corrosion protection systems that meet UL-1746 specifications, either using fiberglass or the STI-P3 standard. Both systems include a solid 30-year warranty against possible failures due to external corrosion, ensuring a product of long durability and superior quality.

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