Aboveground Fuel Systems

Superior Structural Strength and Product Compatibility

Fleet Fuel Stations Systems

Tex-Tanks offers a range of configurable fuel solutions tailored for industries benefiting from on-site fleet fueling.
Enable your workers to fill vehicles on-site. When they fill their vehicle, the fuel system automatically records fuel, time, date, driver, and vehicle ID.
  • Gasoline, diesel, and DEF (heated dispensers and heated, circulating tanks)
  • WiFi communication between vehicle and fuel system
  • Fuel and system monitoring ensuring safe operation
  • Effectively manage fuel accounting
  • Unlock major cost savings by purchasing bulk fuel
  • Less expensive than underground fuel stations
  • Ease in shipping to remote locations
  • Rapid deployment in emergency disaster situations
  • Reduced cost for station and installation
  • Secure against theft and vandalism
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Optional internal power source.
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With over 70 years experience manufacturing aboveground tanks, our providers know how to build a high quality tank that lasts. Each of these tanks comply with all international safety standards for the safe storage of your substances. 

All the necessary accessories and safety features/protocol equipment are included for their correct and ideal operation. Tanks can also be built with divisions for various products, as well as a wide range of capacities and dimensions.


Fireguard® UL2085

Double-wall, fire-protected featuring an inner and outer steel tank that exceeds the UL 2-hour fire test.

Aboveground Fireguard Tanks with Tex Tanks
Aboveground Fireguard Tanks with Tex Tanks
Aboveground Fireguard Tanks with Tex Tanks

Flameshield® UL142

Aboveground storage tank with a tight-wrap inner and outer tank design and UL 2-hour fire test.

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emergency vents, man ways, an fittings by tex-tanks
Aboveground Flameshield Tank with Tex Tanks
flame shield carbon steel tank with saddles by tex-tanks
UL142 flameshield tank by tex-tanks
Belly Tank

Belly Tank Generator

Generator base, sub-base, or “belly tank” is a UL142 fuel tank that is typically built into a generator support frame as part of a packaged unit which includes an enclosure. 

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Container Tanks

A self bunded and transportable container tank for the safe storage and handling of diesel, petrol and oils. Ideal for refueling vehicles, machinery, equipment and fleet.

More Details Coming Soon
Tex Tanks' Container Tank
Tex Tanks' Container Tank

Tex Tanks has the best lead times on the market with tanks compatible with any tank collar brand. Installations are simple, easy, and safe saving time for installers and owners.

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