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In the construction industry, fuel tanks from Tex Tanks play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted operation of construction vehicles and equipment. With their specially designed fuel storage solutions, Tex Tanks provides a reliable and efficient way to store and distribute fuel on construction sites. These fuel tanks are built to withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites and are constructed with high-quality materials, meeting all safety requirements.

With Tex Tanks fuel tanks, construction companies can have a convenient and secure fuel supply on-site, eliminating the need for constant refueling trips to external fuel stations. This maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime, allowing construction projects to run smoothly and on schedule. Whether it’s powering machinery or fueling generators, Tex Tanks fuel storage systems are the dependable choice for the construction industry.

Tex-Tanks offers an outstanding selection of globally recognized fuel storage tanks for the heavy equipment construction industry. 

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Underground UL1746 / UL58 Tank with Tex Tanks
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Our main objective is to provide safe fuel storage solutions for our customers and the environment in the construction industry.

Offering our clients the ability to reduce expenses in managing their operations, with robust equipped tanks. With a solid track record in the industry, our tanks have a presence in more than 17 countries, meeting the constant and changing demands of the construction industry.

Our fuel tanks for construction projects are reliable in:

  1. Facilitating transportation to the workplace.
  2. Improving compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.
  3. Improving efficiency and avoiding downtime.
  4. Simplifying fuel supply management.
  5. Contributing to the prevention of soil pollution.
  6. Storing diesel, gas and renewable fuels.
  7. Adapting to varying project needs in terms of capacity.
  8. Reducing workplace traffic.
  9. Saving on fuel delivery costs
  10. Preventing fuel theft.

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