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Fuel tanks and supply equipment for heavy mining equipment are crucial for their operation, that is why Tex-tanks is aware of the value of time for our mining clients, that is why we work with the most sophisticated equipment on the market to to be able to provide our clients with fuel systems that are effective for each of them.
We work with the most popular patents for supply as well as manufacturing robust tanks prepared with strong skids that can withstand the rough use of mining lands.

With durable and robust tanks from Tex Tanks, mining companies can have a convenient and effective means of fuel management that maximizes equipment and vehicle uptime, increases productivity and improves worker safety, which in turn ultimately leads to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

Tex-tanks has a range of fuel transfer equipment designed to reduce spills, eliminate waste and optimize efficiency in fuel unloading and filling processes for the mining industry, including:

  • Fuel nozzles and dry brake connections.
  • Tank level control and overfill prevention systems.
  • Various fuel control valves, including ball, butterfly, gate, electric, check and separation valves.
  • Fuel hoses and fuel loading arms.
  • Single and double wall fuel tanks.
  • Fuel pumps and dispensers.
  • Tank equipment.
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We completely understand each of our industries, which is why mining is one of our strongest industries where we have the most presence around different countries. We currently supply fuel to the largest trucks in the world with capacities above 800 gallons per minute. 

Tex-Tanks is your best option to pump fuel quickly and safely with our mining fuel systems as well as high flow multi-stage filtration systems to achieve maximum performance in each of our clients’ equipment, as well as as we know Tier 4 emission standards have made fuel filtration a critical part of any fueling plan and should always be performed in 3 stage battlements

Tier 4 Standards

The Tier 4 standards require that emissions of PM and NOx be further reduced by about 90%. These emission reductions have been achieved through the use of advanced exhaust gas after-treatment technologies, with most Tier 4 engine families using urea-SCR catalysts for NOx 

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