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Our unwavering commitment to environmental preservation is exemplified by our ambitious goal of achieving 100% decarbonization by 2050. To this end, we have collaboratively engaged in over a dozen projects, involving both private and public sectors, dedicated to the development of innovative and sustainable fuel solutions. This includes the relentless pursuit of powerful biofuels with minimal ecological impact.
Our expertise extends beyond fuel development to encompass the efficient storage and management of biomass, raw materials, and the end products derived from biofuels. As a forward-looking, youth-led organization, we are resolute in our dedication to constant evolution and progress within our industry. Our primary focus is on the production of renewable energies as part of a global endeavor to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels completely.
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biofuels by tex-tanks
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Our tank systems are purposefully designed to withstand the corrosive nature of biofuels, ensuring the safety and efficiency of storage while safeguarding the system’s integrity. We take meticulous measures to keep the system entirely insulated from external elements, effectively preventing any corrosion or degradation.
Commonly employed biofuels in our industry comprise:
  1. Biodiesel
  2. Ethanol fuel
  3. Biogasoline
  4. Vegetable oil fuel
  5. Bioethers
  6. Aviation biofuels

Recognizing our pivotal role in this critical phase of energy transition, our team remains in a state of constant readiness. We are unwaveringly committed to providing our clients with secure and up-to-date systems, thereby promoting a sustainable future for generations to come.

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