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Tex-tanks provides fuel storage tanks for all types of maritime objects. Our systems offer security in the storage and supply of different types of fuel that power all types of cargo ships such as commercial and sports boats, among others.

Our marine fuel systems are designed to resist coastal and lake climates, taking into account how corrosive salt is to steel and equipment, as well as ensuring sealing in our systems for the humidity of your geographic location and the strong winds and wings waves.

Tex-tanks plays a crucial role in the responsibility that falls on us to avoid any type of pollution in oceans and streams, which is why we work hand in hand with a team with more than 70 years in the market manufacturing robust tanks for safe use. in this type of industries.

Our systems are equipped with skids that are firmly anchored to the ground designed for possible hurricanes and strong winds.

refueling tanks for marinas boats by tex-tanks
fuel tanks for marinas by tex-tanks
fuel tanks for marinas by tex-tanks
refueling tanks for marinas by. tex-tanks

Our team offers consulting for the proper management of our systems, offering maintenance services to avoid spills and accidents related to fires, taking into account certain precautions to avoid any type of problem on the vessels.

We offer a variety of options for our clients that adjust to the needs of each one to be able to:

  • Quality marine fuel products
  • Dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our equipment is prepared to withstand any type of fuel such as other types of bunker fuels including:

  • MGO – Marine Gas Oil
  • MDO – Marine Diesel Oil
  • IFO – Intermediate Fuel Oil
  • MFO – Marine Fuel Oil
  • HFO – Heavy Fuel Oil

When it comes to marinas, fuel tanks from Tex Tanks offer a reliable solution for storing and dispensing fuel. Tex Tanks understands the unique needs of marinas and provides specialized fuel storage solutions designed for this industry. Whether it’s for powering boats or fueling backup generators, Tex Tanks fuel storage systems ensure a convenient and efficient fuel supply

These tanks, such as the Fireguard® and Flameshield® tanks, are specifically suited for marinas, offering advanced safety features and compliance with industry regulations. With Tex Tanks, marinas can enjoy a dependable fuel storage solution that maximizes operational efficiency and ensures continuous availability of fuel for various applications. 

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